Flickering Productions is a new community theatre production company in Atlanta. We’re putting on some shows, the next being Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl in June of 2013.

Our goal is to bring performances to Atlanta audiences, and Atlanta actors, that they might not otherwise have the chance to see and get involved in. Shows whose heyday has passed yet still maintain a powerful presence and a moving story. Shows that have only just begun to take the stage, or that have never been staged before. We want to support shows that expand the minds of audiences and push the abilities and comfort zones of actors and creative crew.

Flickering will bring together plays and musicals that we are passionate about, projects that are surrounded by people in love in with their craft, people others love to work with. That means that in order to direct a show that we produce, you have to come with references. Same goes for actors, crew, everybody. If people don’t love working with you, we won’t be able to help you. Those who devote their time and talent to community theatre do so for free, and deserve to have the best experience possible. If you agree and want to learn more, drop us a line or sign up for the newsletter.

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